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Speaking Engagements

Are you looking for someone to come and talk at your school, agency, and conference? Reach out to us! 

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Speaking Engagements

We believe that sharing your story can leave a powerful impact on other people’s lives. A speaker is a storyteller who brings your audience on a journey that may expose them to something new, raw, heart-wrenching, or enlightening but always leaves them feeling empowered and hopeful. The topics below can be hard to address but acknowledging these often stigmatized topics is how we open dialogue and began to make change. 

Speaking topics

  • Grief, loss, and trauma

  • Suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention

  • Childhood trauma and ACEs

  • Childhood bereavement 

  • Grief and technology 

  • Research

  • Interventions and tools

  • Resources 

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